Peter Andersen

Image by Marilyn Andersen.

I am a semi-pro photographer (i.e. not my full time gig but it pays the bills once in a while), born and residing in the Vancouver BC area. I have been taking images and learning the craft for about 10 years now, and I’m sure I’m still well below the infamous 10,000 hour level. I recently completed a Photography Certificate program from Langara College, which not only taught me much but also awakened a love for analog processes. As a result, I split my photography between both film and digital, and try to look at the source of an image as just that, a means to an end. I enjoy the darkroom, both digital and chemical, and the art of printmaking as well. I continue to experiment with black & white, colour and alternative analog processes such as Platinum and Cyanotype, I often create both digital positive and negative prints, and combine whatever formats are needed to create a physical image.

My current equipment consists of Nikon digital gear (D800e, D700, various lenses), medium format film bodies (Hasselblad, Mamiya, Holga) and the start of what I hope is a growing large format obsession (Shen-hao 4×5 field camera). I have a traditional darkroom which I use for development, wet printing and alternative processes. I also use both Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop CC extensively, as well as SilverFast AE for scanning analog film and prints on an Epson V700.